Edibles Alphabet :

Healthy body means there will be a healthy mind automatically.

Lets have a quick strategic look at how English alphabet teaches us to keep ourselves healthy by making an acronym out of the same. Some alphabet refers to fruits while few refer to nuts , some to vegetables and many more indeed.

These are  smart strategies to adopt which can help us become more disciplined and focused towards our healthy lifestyle and wealthy Aging !

A : is for Apple that keeps me healthy and the stomach troubles at bay. 

B : is for Beetroot which gives me my iron and gets my dandruff away. 

C : is for Corn which is good for my nerves and brain. 

D : for Dates which gives me my iron and takes away all my strain. 

E : for Eggs which gives me my protein for hair and body. 

F : for Figs which keeps my bowels clean. 

G : for Grapefruit which is good for throat and mouth allergy. 

H : for Honey that is antiseptic and full of energy. 

I : for I have to follow this acrostic. 

J : for Jaggery which is going to satisfy my sweet tooth. 

K : for Kiwi fruit which would aid me to digest food. 

L : for Lemon which is good for cold. 

M : for Moong whose sprouts would stop me from growing old. 

N : for Nuts which I can eat in between my meals. 

O : for Olive oil which feels good when massaged into my skin. 

P : for Potatoes which gives me energy. 

Q : for Quake oats—The complete breakfast meal and good for skin. 

R : for Rice which if unpolished and brown , is good for my hair. 

S : for Soyabeans which I find a better alternative to cow’s milk. 

T : for Tomato which would help my complexion get softer like silk. 

U : for U as well to follow the Acronym. 

V : for Vitamins found in green leafy veggies and fruits and nuts. 

W : for Wheat germ which makes my rotis (chappatis) tastier and yummy. 

X : for The Xit of junk foods that results liver problems. 

Y : for Yoghurt which cleanses my face and hair. 

Z : for Zeal in attitude to follow all this.

This is just tip on tips of life, this list can be endlessly long with so many nutritious food available by our mother nature to bring a balance in our healthy well being.


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