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Ayurveda means Science of life. It is a medical practice that had been brought into existence by the Indian saints & rishis somewhere in the range of 5000 years ago. It involves the treatment of various diseases via nature’s herbs (jadibutiyaan) & various diversified flora around the world.

Ayurveda= ayur+ veda

Ayu and veda are two Sanskrit words that have been combined together to name this medical practice.Aayu means life and veda mans Gyan(knowledge) - that is Life’s science.Soul, body and brain are the three bases of life, and on the same norms Dosh, Dhatu and Mat are the ones of Ayurveda.

When a body ailment is treated on Ayurvedic norms , certain points are always remembered. The one is the disease’s type and the other is its treatment nature.

Dosh implies the body behaviour. In Ayurveda Kuf, Vat, Pit are called Tridosh. Contrary to all other treatment methodologies whose sid effects are pretty harmful, Ayurvedic treatment incorporates virtually no side effects at all. Realms of this ideology is not just the health issues but also he skin and hair beautification as well. The wrinkles and various skin related complicacies have found their panaceas in this ancient science. The demand for Ayurvedic beauty is on a high rise.

In Ayurveda it is the Tridosh : Vaat, pitt, kuff that is treated and not the disease. The three constituents are found even in the plant and animal kingdom along with the minerals. In this the happiness of the mind (mann) has been described as very indispensable for a good health.

According to Charak Sanghita the root cause to all the body ailments are as stated under.

ATIYOG : Eating more than what is needed

Not eating at all.

Eating food in a wrong manner.

Due to the highly hectic modern life, too many works demand their attention simultaneously to which our mind obliges .The resulting effect is the tension. In addition to this due to the shortage of time the fooding habits as well donot remain balanced. The body gets unhealthy due to various extreme lifestyles such as the AC environment in home or office, lack of enough physical activities and exercises, lack of necessary rest that the average human body needs. Peoples have arose in support of their health and body.

Vaat pitt and kuff are the root causes of all mental as well as physical diseases. Panchkarma therapy provides us the freedom from such complicacies. It is an important Ayurvedic therapy. The removal of extra Dosh and Tonics from the cells of our human body via this technique is called Panchkarma. The generation of toxins in our body results in the degradation of natural strength and the Panchkarma suffices in this.

Human body comprises the Panchbhut (five elements).

Aakash(Sky), Vaayu(Air), Agni(Fire), Jal(Water) & Prithvi(Earth)
. All the herbs of medicinal importance are called Jadi Butisand they have these five constituents in them. Henceforth, the body accepts them and the therapy is a lot more successful than all the other therapies.

The Ayurvedic medical therapy there are two basic therapies : Sarsodhana therapy and the Samsaman therapy. The Panchkarma therapy comes under the Samsodhana therapy In Samsomana therapy comes the external therapies such as the massage (with paste and powder) and ultimately comes the surgical treatments. Panchkarma has its five varieties : Yamana, veerajana, Snehavasti, Kativasti & the last one being the Nasya therapy.

As the physical diseases are caused by the vaat,pitt and kuff so are the mental counterparts have their roots in the rajas and tamas.

The Ayurvedic Panchkarma in addition to providing relief in diseases of breathing, arthritis, sleepdisk, spondylitis, blood urea, high blood pressure,those related to heart, it also helps one to lose weight.

Ayurvedic centres are also engaged in traditional upachars such as the Shirodhara facial massage, steam therapy, Ayurvedic tub bath, aroma therapy, hot herbal oil bath, eye nutrition, Shirovasti etc.The above Ayurvedic relief techniques have been made available even in the Spa centers, Health Resorts across the globe and peoples have been attracted to benefit their health from these. The spa centers opened up in multi star hotels and the beauty parlors are being a center of attraction for health and beauty. And since the Ayurvedic techniques are proving to be more beneficial , the DD factor that is the Demand and Desire for it has been on an exponential rise.Ceratain diseases have no treatment in allopathy but they find their panacea in Ayurveda.

If a healthy human follows the ideologies of the Ayurvedic fooding , sleep, brahamacharya (virginity), lifestyles and balanced lifestyles then even Aids won’t infect him/her. Ayurveda has been successfully been able to provide mental as well as the physical in addition to the spiritual fitness which remain incomprehensible in many other therapies. The others might have been able to provide a temporary relief from many diseases but the Ayurveda treats a disease from its roots.The human nature as well plays an important role in living a healthy life . Balanced and regulated diet ,balanced lifestyles, analysis of self strengths and weaknesses, pre analysis of diseases and its timely treatment, healthy relations with friends and family and a successful married life provides human a Happy and Healthy life.

Jadi butiyaan and masale play a pivotal role in the Ayurvedic treatment methodology. The septa constituent body in Ayurveda comprises the twacha, rakta, maans, wasa, asthi, naadi & majja. The edibles as ghee , makkhhan & tel are not rated as supplements to the body fat accumulation. In its viewpoint Oil (tel) provides warmth and the cow’s ghee provide the coolness to the body. Similarly sweet items provide the indispensable energy to the body cells and a re very balanced in addition to providing the mental balance to our stressed mind that the present era‘s hectic lifestyle results into. Rice , Ghee and fruits all fall in the same very category.

Now coming to the domains of the sour tasting items, they as well are pretty advantageous to our heart and stomach. Lemon and tamarind are most known examples of these. The salty items as well add up to the digestive systems functionality and cease the ailments getting born into it.. They dispose off the impurities via the sweat through the sweat glands and provide efficiency to the better internal transmissions. Do keep in mind that excessive usage of salt impinges the metabolic activity and hence is detrimental to our health. Higher levels of salt cause the wrinkling of skin in addition to the degradation of the reproductive activity.

Having a nodding acquaintance of the advantages of bitter taste edibles shall add up to the easing out of the good food habit selection. These strengthens the complete digestive systems very nicely. Onions, Garlic, green chilly etc all fall into this category. Ginger, tomato, dhania, coconut, cashewnut, almond, poppy when used as a constituent in the vegetables as a gravy enhance sthe nutritional value of the foods. The spices, dry fruits and other chemical substances used in traditional Indian edibles have a great positive effect as a health viewpoint. In addition to spices certain herbs , few plants as well as few trees are the nature’s invaluable gifts to our healthy existence. The tulsi plant in addition to its purity is repleted medicinal wise. The intake of 25 g of crushed tulsi seeds during the woman’s periods helps tackle the tough times.

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