CASE STUDY : Perfume

· Same perfume smells different on people’s diet. In case of peoples taking more spicy foods and undergoing the medicinal treatment, the aroma of these come out with the perfume and hence affects it.

· Lighter during day and harder by night is a no constraint but then cologne at work is better as you don’t leave a trail of heady scent. Enveloping fragrance is better if you are to make a statement by the evening.

· Do not be a gourmand , just spray four to five pulse points on your body. Ideally wear it lower on your body. Fragrance tends to waft upwards. The d├ęcolletage and your ribs are a good place. Don’t rub the perfume on your skin, it simply fast forwards and you don’t get to enjoy all the notes.

· Perfume is meant to be applied on the skin, allowing the heat on to body to work on it. Spraying on clothes stains them and you won’t enjoy it to its entirety.

· It is the first thing to wear and to apply it to hair, spray some on the comb and then comb your hair.

· Do not overdo it or it might be fatal to your social life and you might just end up sitting alone at a disco.

· Use the layering trick to last longer the effects felt. Use the shower gel of the same fragrance. Go neutral on moisturizer and then apply perfume.

· The shop life is 24 months. Heat, light, air and age are its biggest enemies. Bathroom is the worst storage area and refrigerator -a cool dry and dark place is the best place one. Perfumes must be kept in their bottles upside down. That way air doesn’t enter the bottle and ruin the fragrance.

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