Body Maintenance :

Feet :
Soak your exhausted feet in a tub of warm water. To this water add 2tsp Each of camphor, sesame seed oil, peppermint oil, and 4tsp Epsom salt. This is a soothing therapy both for the feet as well as the mind, And it will get better if you throw in a handful of marbles and roll your feet on them. Not only your feet feel much softer , but you will feel the tiredness ooze out from them. Every moment will be worth it and every effort will be rewarded.

Skin :

For skin that looks dead tired, take 1tsp each of salt, whole wheat flour, sandalwood powder, almond powder, and make a paste with milk. Rub this gently on to the skin and watch it revive.
The oatmeal bath not only softens skin , but also provides it with natural vitamins . Tie oatmeal in a soft cloth and let it soak in half a mug of water till the bag feels satiny soft and milk starts oozing out when squeezed. Lentil powder and margosa leaves could be added. Rubbing this bag all over the body will soften dry skin or the hardest of scaly skin conditions and also not feel like the bath is in a porridge .Also for children, whatever the weather be use always lukewarm water for bathing.

If you are bothered by the zits that simply refuse to disappear , take 1tsp fuller’s earth , 2 drops of clove oil and a pinch of camphor. Mix with water to make a smooth paste apply a thick coat of this on the zit. Leave it overnight . By the next morning it should have disappeared or dried out completely.

Hair :
For dull dry hair, massage 5-6 tsp of mayonnaise into the scalp and hair and leave on for 20 minutes before shampooing and see how it comes to life magically.
Washing hair with a solution made from boiling a fw soap nuts like Areetha and Shikakai , to which hibiscus leaves and fenugreek are added is ideal.

Eyes :
Are the late nights leaving you with tired eyes and odious dark circles ?Here is what you should do :grate cucumber and freeze it. Massage the eyes with the grated cucumber cubes and feel the stinging cool down. This will also help he dark circles lighten down.

Hands :
We mostly neglect our hands and if there is no time for a manicure ,lemon slices and sugar and 1 tsp of any oil and massage well into the hands until all the sugar granules have melted. Wash and enjoy the look of yours upper soft hands.
For smooth and healthy nails , massage a little olive or almond oil into them at night. To strengthen them , soak them once a month in warm water to which gelatin has been added.

Lips :
For chapped lips that have been taking too much of lipsticks , massage with melted beeswax and sesame oil. Remove the flakes of wax after it has cooled on the lips. This will soften the lips.

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