Do You Skip your Breakfast?

Never skip your Breakfast... Having healthy breakfast will help to control your excess hunger throughout the day.Skipping breakfast also triggers bad eating habits during the day, as cravings towards fast foods are often seen. Having breakfast boosts metabolism and increases your energy levels throughout the day. When you miss it, your energy is reduced and physical activity levels falls.
Breakfast should be a perfect combination of carbohydrates, protein and fibre.

Include fruits, whole grains, berries and and good fats. Light and soft idlis with sambhar, plain dosas with green chutney, milk with cornflakes or wheatflakes, vegetable poha or upma with a milkshake and sprouts will make your breakfast healthy. Also, include high fibre fruits like apples, papayas, muskmelons, oranges or watermelons since fibre will help in great metabolism and bowel movements.
Processed , Oily and fast foods are complete NO.

Dont skip breakfast. A glass of milk along with a boiled egg, idli, dosa, a grilled vegetable sandwich, fresh fruit or a paneer sandwich makes a healthy Breakfast.

Make sure you have your Breakfast within 1-2 hour after you wake up in morning.
So wake up early have breakfast...Idle time: 8.00-10.00 AM.

Hope you would follow the post and follow in your regime.

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