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Stages in Pregnancy Pregnancy is a very happy and fulfilling experience for any woman. When a woman is pregnant, her body undergoes a num...

Renu Sharma

Who am I ?

Am a common woman in today's fast paced life. 

I used to blog about health and hygiene a decade back, but then got too occupied with day to day chores  as life transformed from a young lady to a professional corporate transformed humanoid.

Settled down as a family with kid and was seeing what all i had done when was free roaming soul !

Started off the same again , lets see how passionate this journey becomes !

Let me bundle together the posts in some organized group on topics as they relate to for ease of one stop reference to all of them from here

Pregnancy -

  1. exercise-followed-during-pregnancy
  2. diet-exercise-during-pregnancy
  3. problems-during-pregnancy-and-their
  4. breast-feeding-important-there-has-been 
  5. tips-for-mothersto-take-of-themselves

Yoga -

  1. yoga-benefits
  2. what-is-yoga
  3. yoga-everyday-life
  4. yoga-aged-people
  5. yoga-hypertension
  6. yoga-hair-growth
  7. yoga-asthma
  8. yoga-breathing
  9. yoga-health

Dental Hygiene - 

  1. tooth-brushing-right-way
  2. 5-myths-of-dental-caries
  3. smokers-teeth
  4. caring-for-teeth
 Hair Care -
  1. hair-loss-causes-and-prevention-defined
  2. try-this-to-cure-dandruff
  3. food-that-support-healthy-hair
  4. reasons-of-hair-loss
  5. yoga-hair-growth
  6. hair-care

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