Care of the feet is very important .Toe nails need to be well groomed and rough skin on the soles of the feet ought to be scrubbed an d creamed regularly to prevent severe build up of dry skin. Footbaths are effective way to stimulate blood circulation , relieve the acne and leave feet feeling soft and refreshed.

The ingredients needed are 5 tbsp mustard powder (to stimulate blood circulation & keep the feet warm & relaxed), 2 tbsp mint leaves (to refresh feet) , 1 liter warm water , 5 drops eucalyptus oil (to relieve aches and pains ), 7 drops lemon oil (is anti bacterial and anti fungal). Put them all together in a large bowl and enjoy a fifteen minute soak. After the soak is a good time to exfoliate the dead skin on the soles of the feet and trim the nails Feel the sensation. And just do the favor to comment in here.

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