CASE STUDY : Weight Lifting

Warm up : Do a general warm up of light aerobics for about 8 to 15 minutes and some stretching exercises.

Breathing :
Do proper breathing. Stick with the rule of exhaling as you exert and inhaling as you relax the muscle. Breathe in as you lower the weight and breathe out as you raise it. Improper breathing could result in fainting or serious injury.

Method :
Exercise should be performed smoothly and rhythmically. Always fully extend and contract the muscles making sure that all movements are complete. Don’t try spot reduction. Instead work on all muscles of your body and stay symmetrical and in proportion everywhere.

Frequency :
Weight training ought to be twice a week. The frequency can be increased once the correct technique is known.

Rest and Nutrition :
Proper sleep is indispensable as it is when you are at rest that the muscles grow and not at the gym. Stop smoking and drinking and adopt a healthy lifestyle. As far as applicable eat four o five meals a day. Two or three meals are simply not enough. Your blood sugar levels get controlled, also you will get the proteins in small amounts throughout the day to support growth and recovery, and most important the enzymes that store fat will be produced in far smaller amounts, making your body store lesser fats. By providing the body with a consistent and frequent supply of calories, its need to store fat is significantly reduced. When you eat infrequently, your body recognizes a famine situation and the enzymes are produced in large quantities to hold onto every calorie consumed in order to store it as fat in preparation for the famine to come. Remember that in each of the five meals , approximately one part should come from fats, two parts from proteins, and three from carbohydrates. Just keep the fat intake down to a low level (do not eliminate fat completely as some fat is necessary to maintain a good health), eat enough protein to support growth and recovery, and carbohydrates proportionate to your energy output. Eat enough protein as muscles need proteins to grow about 0.75-1.3 g per pound of body weight daily. Lots of fibre filled fruits and veggies are great with plenty of water to enhance your looks and health.

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