Does Milk Helps You to Reduce Weight??

Regardless of diet, researchers found participants with the highest dairy calcium intake six months into the study (averaging about 580 mg daily- the amount in nearly two glasses of milk) lost about six kilograms at the end of the two years, compared to about 3.5 kg for those with the lowest dairy calcium intake (averaging about 150 mg, or about half of a glass).

Beyond calcium, the researchers also found that Vitamin D levels independently affected weight loss success and in line with previous research, milk and milk products were the top contributors to Vitamin D in the diets of the study participants.

Despite the potential health benefits, many Americans are still not getting the recommended 400 international units (IU) of Vitamin D daily -- the amount in four glasses of fat free or low-fat milk.

Hence Drinking Milk can really help in building essential nutrients and fighting weight gain.

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