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Oct 25, 2010

How To Care For Eyes

Contact lenses and glasses are a common phenomenon today among the old as well as the young. Reason? Eye problems. The truth is however, we can do something about this problem. And that is taking care of our eyes. Don’t shun this if you think that your perfect 20/20 vision is enough to make you feel complacent; protect your eyes from injury and infection is key to maintaining it.

Care of Eyes

Wearing Glasses

Sunglasses can help you protect your eyes from ultraviolet A and B radiation from the sun. this is due to the fact that over-exposure to ultraviolet light will normally cause eye damage especially by making cataracts appear on your eyes faster. Buy and wear sunglasses that are right, that is, those offering maximum UV shielding. Corrective sunglasses and contact lenses are also worth trying, but only after a doctor prescribe for you. In addition to care of eyes from radiation emanating from the sun, glasses are also important to prevent eye injuries. They should be worn while one is playing or working for this purpose, as some play and work items may cause permanent eye damage like baseball, racquetballs and pokes and any sharp objects in the garden that fly when hit especially metallic items like old nails rotting in your compound.

Reducing Glare

Glare or excessive light to your eyes is a major cause leading to eyestrain especially among computer users. You should therefore control the amount of light there’s in the room where you’re using a computer by drawing curtains or blinds for effective control of light levels through the entire period you are working on your computer. While at this, do avoid facing un-shaded window for the difference in brightness between the computer screen and the area behind it could bring about eye stress or discomfort. The most effective method of care of your eyes in this case is the use of an anti-glare screen on your computer. Also, avoid working in dimly lit rooms as this causes eyestrain. Right lighting will mostly make your reading and other close tasks easier.

Constantly Check the Contacts You’re Wearing

We blink less while working at a computer, as we concentrate more and more on the work we’re doing. For those using contact lenses, this is very stressful to their eyes as the long non-blinking faces many a time leads to the drying out of the contact lenses surface leading to much discomfort and loss of visual clarity. If this is your problem, you may find a solution in Acuvue Oasys – contact lenses that make your eyes feel more comfortable regardless of whether you stare at a computer or TV screen for prolonged periods.  As you do this, the best ergonomics at your computer desk depending on your visual capabilities and work tasks, by usually placing the screen five to nine inches below your horizontal line of sight making it easy to look just over the top of your computer monitor while seated in a straight-ahead gaze.

Allow yourself breaks from the computer screen as the eyes are not meant to stare at a close distance for long. You’ll thus reduce the visual stress by sometimes facing away from the screen. A good break is the one that 20/20/20 rule. That is to say, you take a 20-second break after every 20 minutes, while focusing your eyes on points that are 20 feet from your computer terminal. In a nutshell, keep roving your eyes as you look at objects at various distances.

Undergo Tests Regularly

If you’re diabetic, check on your sugar level as diabetic retinopathy is a major cause of blindness in the world. Have your blood pressure checked as retina vessels get significantly affected, sometimes leading to vision loss when you suffer from high blood pressure.

Quit smoking if you can since the over 400 chemicals in that single stick of cigarette aren’t good at all for your retina especially since they may clog it; but eat more fruits and vegetables  as these, especially green leafy vegetables, have lots of antioxidants that aid the retina ward off any harmful effects.

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