Make-Up Beauty Tips

Make-up Beauty Tips

Looking at ease is rather difficult when the temperatures rise and especially when heat brings the humidity along. Here are some makeup beauty tips which will not only help you look stylish but also relaxed and cool when the weather is hot.

Makeup Beauty tips for summers

* Apply moisturizer carefully under your makeup and if you have greasy skin then do not apply it altogether on your nose and forehead.
* Heavy application of powder does not soak sweaty makeup. The preliminary advantage of powdering is that it fades away very quickly in summers. Apply some powder to the central area of your face. This will soak in the shine but will provide you a natural and refreshing look.
* During summers it is better not to opt for heavy makeup, especially matte foundation. It will not only vanish quickly but will leave you with a smeared look.
* Go for soothing and glowing colors. They sustain for longer duration.
* Light colored lip gloss appears brighter than heavy matt lipstick in dark hues.
* Opt for a scented body lotion and apply it on your exposed skin areas. It adds luster without looking sweaty.

The answer to looking cool in summer is, keep it subtle and simple. Do not go overboard with styles and makeup. Always aspire at achieving a soft glossy effect for makeup.

Makeup Beauty Tips for winters

* Experiment with colored mascara like burgundy, auburn and navy that will provide your eye-lashes a subtle look and some depth. You can also apply chocolate brown or charcoal liner to your upper eye lashes to give it more distinctive look. Smoky eyes go well during this season. For some effect use eye shadows in cinnamon and coffee colors.
* Choose neutral hues for makeup, such as light browns, grays, pinks and purples.
* Do not let your lips dry out during winter. Keep them moisturized to protect them from getting cracked. Apply a good lip-balm or gloss throughout the day.
* If you are applying nude shades on your lips then add little bit of sheen on eyes for a new look.
* Your moisturizer and foundation should have an all-purpose sun protection.
* Little bit of matt foundation combined with some tinted powder and glitters can work wonders in winters.
* For scents use extracts of essential oils, spices and other natural fragrances.
* To lighten up your makeup, apply a sheer layer of creamy blush.
* Colored lip balms in honey, blackberry and red currant shades look wonderful in winters.

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