CASE STUDY : Carrots, Tea

Carrots :Sharpen your eyesight by eating up the carrots on your plate. It not only is a good source of vitamin C , potassium & fibre , but its deep orange color reflects its carotene content. This is converted into vitamin A by our human body a perfect pill for eyesight boost up. Vitamin A found in carrots helps protect color and night vision. The mineral content along with the vits protect against cataracts , glaucoma, and even breast cancer. Chinese have been using it as a cure for acne.

Remove the attached foliage of carrots tops as they rob the roots of moisture and vitamins, Roots should be firm and smooth . Do not keep them near apples because they emit ethylene gas that can give carrots a bitter taste.

Tea :Tea has been voted as the most happiness providing drink/beverage & it also helps reduce the risk of heart disease & certain cancers. According to Ayurveda, tea has no harmful components. It contains vitamins A, E, C, K’s elements. It has as well 25% carbohydrates, 15% proteins & 5% mineral elements. One cup tea has in it 50 mg caffeine, in contrast to 125 mg in coffee. The dry tea leaves have 6% anti-oxidants. Tea has its primarily three varieties –Black, Herbal, Green. All belong to the same tree family– Aa Sinisis, but their preparation varies.

Black tea is boiled completely & is made from leaf tips that have been withered, rolled & dried. It is popular in Western world.

Herbal tea is relatively boiled to a lesser extent .

Green tea is made in steam . It is famous in China & Japan & is produced from fresh tips. It is a healthier choice than builder’s brew up, largely b’coz it has lower level of caffeine.

Though both black as well as green tea have the same amounts of anti-oxidants-compounds that help the body fight harmful molecules called free radicals. These are strongly implicated in the development of certain chronic diseases such as coronary heart disease, & some cancers of lung & gut tumors. The free radical’s excess is caused by smoking, pollution & sun exposure. The anti-oxidants found in tea are flavonoids, powerful compounds that are instrumental in fighting disease & tea is a better perspective than fruits and vegetables in this aspect. 1 cup of tea supplies 200 mg flavonoids . Drinking three cups increases blood’s flavonoid content by 25%. Both black & green tea rich sources of potassium & manganese as well as Vitamin A which has protective properties. It also provides vitamin B6—essential for body metabolism, vitamin B1 & B2 important to release energy from food, Potassium regulates the heart beat.

Tea also contains phytochemicals which might inhibit the growth of tumor cells. Risk of heart attack in people drinking tea is reduced to half than that of non drinkers.

Nutritionist recommend a caffeine intake of 300 mg a day & a cuppa has 50mg which allows for many cups daily. Although do remember that caffeine is present in chocolate, soft drinks, cold remedies & pain killers.

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