Anti Aging Supplements :

Antioxidant Vitamins, DHEA Supplements, Hormones

Life Extensionists are at the forefront when it comes to taking protective measures against the physical and mental decline that occurs with aging. While many individuals faced with the prospect of aging are consistent users of antioxidant vitamins and calcium supplements, those who are serious about extending their lives avail themselves of advanced anti-aging supplements and hormones to compensate for age-related deficits. Although it is necessary to visit a physician to obtain a prescription for human growth hormone or testosterone supplements, other hormones, such as DHEA supplements, are available as over the counter dietary supplements to the serious-minded life extensionist. It is, however, recommended, that one first undergo blood testing to determine whether a deficiency in a particular hormone and to ensure that there are no underlying conditions that would recommend against the use of anti aging supplements and hormones.

The subheadings included under this category address specific areas of concern to the aging individual.

Anti-Aging Supplements Anti-aging supplements offer an array of products shown to help protect against many different aspects of aging and improve well being among adult men and women. These products consist of nutrients, hormones, phyto extracts, targeted formulas and other supplements offering diverse strategies to reduce some of the effects of aging.

Anti-Aging Supplements Antioxidants, which consist of a number of vitamins, minerals, and plant-derived compounds, are the foundation of a good life extension program. Antioxidant vitamins are essential to combat free radicals, highly reactive molecules that are a byproduct of metabolism. Excessive free radical formation damages all areas of the body, including DNA, and has been implicated as a contributing factor to a number of diseases.

Anti-Aging Supplements Bone and joint health formulas help prevent some of the deterioration in bone strength and joint flexibility that occurs with age. These formulas include calcium supplements, which supply the body with the raw materials it needs to maintain its structure.

Anti-Aging Supplements Brain health formulas improve cognitive function and can be used by anyone who desires to protect and improve their ability to remember and learn. Protecting brain health is vital if the pursuit of a longer life is to have any meaning. Young individuals faced with cognitive challenges, such as those studying for college tests, can also use these formulas to give themselves a competitive edge.

Anti-Aging Supplements Growth hormone releasing formulas encourage the release of the body’s own growth hormone, which declines with age. Youthful growth hormone levels are associated with the maintenance of some of the outward signs of aging, such as smooth skin and toned muscles.

Anti-Aging Supplements Hormones, such as pregnenolone and DHEA supplements, are identical to those made by the human body. By replacing the hormones that decline as we grow older, symptoms of hormone deficiency are alleviated. Blood testing before and after initiating hormone replacement therapy is essential to determine the need for treatment and optimal replacement levels of over the counter hormones as well as those obtainable by prescription, such as testosterone.

Anti-Aging Supplements Immune enhancement help boost immune function, which is reduced in older individuals. The immune system also suffers in certain disease states, as well as in people under stress. Studies published over the past few decades have demonstrated a positive effect on immune function for a number of nutrients.

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