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May 13, 2009

Organic foods and benefits

Organic foods build up the your natural resistance to infection and diseases as well as health and skin disorders. This is what a STRONG immune system is all about.. Foods that help us stay healthy have their mark reflected herein.  

Almonds : Are a good source of proteins , have cancer fighting properties and help underweight People to put on weight.  

Apples : Are an astringent and a tonic . They relieve constipation , reduce total cholesterol and remove toxins. 

 Melons : Are an excellent cleanser and rehydrator as they are high on water content virtually 99%.  

Avocados : Reduce anemia and excessive menstrual bleeding and prevent hair loss.  

Apricots : Have laxatives and anti–oxidant properties and remove toxins from the body.  

Barley : Cures ulcers , lowers cholesterol and in addition is a hair tonics.  

Beet : Are excellent intestinal cleansers , eliminate kidney stones , detoxify the liver and gall Bladder.  

Bananas : Promote sleep and are mild laxatives .They have anti fungal properties , lower cholesterol, and remove toxins. 

 Brown rice : Is a high energy food , settles disturbed nerves and is good for hair and skin.  

Cabbage : Regulates improper digestion , has properties that fight cancer and corrects skin disorders.  

Cashewnuts : Improve vitality and are good for teeth , gums and hair.  

Cucumbers : Have laxative properties , dissolve uric acid that cause kidney and bladder stones .They lower blood pressure, work as astringent and cooling and brightening agents for skin.  

Celery : Has properties that fight cancers . It lowers blood pressures , reduces joint pains and Prevents calcium deposits.  

Coconuts : Regulates the functioning of the thyroid gland and coconut extracts nourish hair and skin. 

 Corn : Has properties that fight cancers . It is food for the brain and corrects hair loss.  

Carrots : Are detoxifiers , good for the hair and skin ,regulate kidney functions and kills bacteria.  

Cherries : Release headaches and migraines.  

Dates : Are useful in anemia ,respiratory and lung disorders.  

Figs : Are a rich source of calcium and have laxative properties.  

Garlic : Has anti bacterial and antiseptic properties. It is useful in respiratory ailments and lowers cholesterol.  

Grapefruit : Is helpful in joint pains , is a cleanser of blood and has anti allergic properties.  

Kidney beans : Lower cholesterol and are helpful in diabetes.  

Kiwi fruit : Helps in Digestion. 

Lemons : Work as astringents , bleaching agents and have properties that fight cancer. They also help in reducing gall stones.  

Lettuce : Strengthens bones and hairs.  

Mango : Reduces acidity and helps in weight gain.  

Mushrooms : Lowers cholesterol and have properties that fight cancer.  

Oats : Are gentle bowel cleansers , and are good for controlling acne and hair loss And have anti-oxidant properties.  

Okra : Is soothing for the intestinal tract and relieves accumulation of gas.  

Oranges : Are an instant source of energy, work as cleansers and improve the skin. 

Papayas : Aid digestion , control gas formation and act as detoxifier.  

Parsley : Is a cleansing tonic, a breath freshener and helps clear kidney stones.  

Peaches : Are diuretic and laxative in nature.  

Pears : Are diuretic , detoxifiers and are good for the thyroid gland.  

Peas : Are rich in protein and help regulate stomach and liver disorders.  

Potatoes : Have antiseptic properties and are good for treating burn scars and Pigmentation. They also aid in muscle building .  

Radish : Clears sinuses and sore throat.  

Red Pepper : Normalizes blood pressure and improves circulation.  

Sesame seeds : Strengthen the heart and are a great source of calcium. They also have anti-oxidant Properties and help lower cholesterol.  

Soya Beans : Has properties that fight cancer and lowers cholesterol.  

Spinach : Has properties that fight cancer ,normalizes blood pressure , reduces anemia And is an immunity booster.  

Strawberries : Make the blood alkaline and are useful in relieving joint pains . They are also a blood purifier.  

Sweet potato : Reduces ulcers and is detoxifier.  

Walnuts : Are brain food and improve metabolism.  

Yam : Is ideal for PMS and also works a s a diuretic.  

Yoghurt : Is soothing for the intestinal tract, is a skin cleanser and has nourishing enzymes for the hair..