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Jun 24, 2011

Importance of Breast Feeding

Breast Feeding Important  :

There has been many BREASTFEEDING CAMPAIGN to make all mothers especially Urban ares Mother to take care of their child and start breastfeeding for six months and don't delay the process.

Ms Radhakrishnan says, "Infants should be exclusively breastfed for the first six months. Nothing else, not even water is necessary for the baby up to six months of age. The composition of breast milk will take care of all the requirements of the baby. A baby needs breast milk, not artificial milk to grow well."
Advantages of breast milk for a baby:

• More easily digested and absorbed.
• Contains more lactose than any other milk. Lactose is essential for energy and helps in calcium and magnesium absorption.
• Contains more polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) and essential fatty acids (EFA). EFA cannot be manufactured in the body.
• The protein in breast milk contains essential amino acids while artificial milk does not.
Taurine which is plentiful in breast milk has been credited with favouring growth of the baby's brain.
• Contains vitamin D, correct amounts of calcium and phosphate.
• Contains antibodies (immunoglobulin) to fight against many infections.
• Has a substance called bifidus factor, which helps special bacteria to grow in the baby's intestine and prevent harmful bacteria.
• Has laxative properties so that the baby does not get constipated.
• Breast fed babies normally do not develop allergies.
Less burden on the baby's kidneys as there is less urea from protein and less sodium to excrete
 Moreover,risk of obesity at age five or six years could be reduced by 35 per cent if children were exclusively breast fed for three to five months.
The risk can be reduced further if children are breast fed for longer than five months.

Nature has packed the nutrients in breast milk in just the right quantities needed for the baby. 100 ml of breast milk contains: calories - 71, proteins - 1.2g, lactose - 7.Og, calcium - 33mg, vitamin A - 160 TU vitamin D - 1.4, vitamin B1 - 0.017mg, vitamin B2 - 0.04mg, vitamin B3 - 0.2m,g iron - 0.15mg. Colostrums', a yellowish fluid which is secreted for the first couple of days after the birth of the baby, is rich in vitamin A, copper, zinc and immunoglobulin, all of which are needed for the baby. "This is why breast feeds should be initiated within one hour after birth. Most mothers don't, either due to ignorance or pressure from their near and dear ones to avoid colostrums," according to Ms Radhakrishnan.

Advantages of breastfeeding for the mother:
• It has a contraceptive effect to some extent.
• It facilitates contraction of the uterus.
• It reduces hip girth and helps in return of original form.
• It helps to bond with the baby.

Sep 15, 2010

Bra Selecton while Jogging

Which is the right bra for exercising ?

   Running is one of the best forms of exercise for men and women for all ages, as it can improve our physical and mental health. One of the biggest advantages of running  it that it requires no special preparation, apart from a pair of good running shoes. 
   However, if you do decide to take up this activity on a regular basis, it is important to ensure that you are dressed appropriately, when you go running. Your running clothes for summer should be quite different from your running clothes in winter.
   During the summers, most people prefer running  in shorts and loose T-shirts. Winter running wear normally consists of a pair of warm track pants, a T-shirt, a jacket and gloves. 
   Running socks should be thick and should fit your foot properly. Wearing the right fitting underwear is also of importance, every time you go running. Women need to ensure that they choose a bra (preferably a sports bra), of the right size and with a proper support, before they start running.

There are some women who prefer running with no bra. While, this may be alright for some women in the short-term, the practice should be discouraged. 
Running with no bra could lead to certain physical problems for a woman, due to the bouncing motion that is normally caused. 
The lack of a proper support could cause the upper chest area to ache after a while. Wearing a sports bra of the right fits is necessary, for comfort during longer runs. Given below are a few steps to make sure that you wear the right bra when you go running:

  •   Choose a bra that is made from moisture-wicking material. Cotton bras should be avoided while running, as they remain wet once you begin to perspire.
  •    While trying on a bra, jog on the spot a few times, to test the support of the bra, before you buy it. Choose the bra that minimizes breast movement.
  •    Even the best bra can lose its elasticity after a while and therefore, it is important to replace your bra often, which is after around 72 washes or so. In case of any weight and size changes of fluctuations, you may need to replace your bra sooner.
  •   Women with larger chests should opt for bras with wider shoulder straps as well as racer back straps.
  •   In bras that have an under wire, the under wire should be covered completely, so that it does not gouge.

Breast Enhancement Technique Naturally

What is natural Breast Enhancement Technique ?

   Many women would like to know of alternatives to costly and risky breast enhancement techniques. 
There are some viable options in the market today and women who have tried them have got positive results. Although there is no research to prove that you could naturally grow your breasts, there are a few natural breast enhancement techniques  which give good results with no risk and expense.
    There are several ways in which you increase your breasts naturally. 
The use of herbs is the most common and tested method over the years.
Other methods include suction pumps, hypnosis, self-hypnosis, and different massage techniques. These are collectively known as natural breast enhancement techniques.

Here are a few natural ways to grow breasts:

  •     Consume lots of fresh vegetables and fruits. This will not only help you in developing breasts but also take care of your entire body. Include black olives, virgin olive oil, soya eggs, grains and grain oil, roasted peanuts, and sunflower seeds in your daily diet for at least six months.
  •     Some plants have proven to be very effective in breast enhancement such as dill seeds, liquorice root, basil flowers, and anise seeds. Crush these seeds with a crusher and mix them in equal parts. Consume this three times a day before meals. Keep the mixture under the tongue for fifteen minutes and swallow it with water.
  •    Massage the breasts with the proper technique. You can also use medicinal oils for massage. Use wheatgerm oil and dill oil in moderate quantities and apply it three times a day. Use a greater quantity only if the skin cannot absorb all the oil. Light and moderate breast massage everyday 15 minutes before sleeping is also the best way to stimulate breast growth.
  •     When a woman makes love, the hormonal level increases in her body, which will then help in breast enhancement. Research has proven that those women who have sexual intercourse and reach orgasm develop beautiful and naturally enlarged breasts.
  •     Try and avoid consuming caffeinated drinks such as coffee, caffeinated sodas, colas, teas, and chocolate. Caffeinated products are diuretic in nature and they counteract the natural breast enhancement techniques. Thus, it is good to avoid these drinks for a while completely.
  •     Eat a proper balanced diet, exercise regularly, reduce your stress levels, and maintain your blood sugar levels. This will help you maintain your hormonal balance and aid in breast growth.
  •     You could also take oral breast enhancement supplements.  Take these tablets in addition to consuming a protein rich diet or protein shakes.  Take these supplements carefully, following all the instructions mentioned on the box.
Although results vary from person to person, you should follow these natural techniques religiously for at least six months for better growth.