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Sep 15, 2010

Bedwetting And Home Remedies

Enuresis, commonly known as bedwetting, is a common problem seen among kids. The children who suffer from this condition urinate when they are asleep as they do not have control over their urethral sphincter when in sleep. This unintentional urination puts the child and the parents both in an embarrassing situation. However, this need not be the case because this condition can be cured by following certain bedwetting home remedies and medication, if required.
Some of the common causes of bedwetting are:

    * Immature nervous system due to which the child is unable to realize that the bladder is full.
    * It may also be due to a small bladder which is not large enough to hold the urine produced at night.
    * Some problem with the urinary system.
    * Genetically inherited condition.
    * Deep sleep.

Some of the bedwetting home remedies include:

    * Make sure that your kid's urinary bladder is empty before he or she sleeps. This reduces the chances of urinating in the night.
    * Give your child enough water during the day time, but avoid giving him or her water two to three hours before bedtime.
    * Make your child eat two walnut halves and a spoonful of raisins just before he/she goes to bed.
    * Chewing cinnamon bark is also effective in treating bedwetting.
    * Do not make your child feel ashamed or guilty. Praise him or her when he or she does not wet the bed. This is one the most effective bedwetting solutions.
    * Herbal teas such as bearberry, wormwood, oak bark, pulstilla, and ursi are effective bedwetting cures.
    * Mix sarson (green mustard) powder with milk and give this to your child an hour before he/ she sleeps. This is one the natural bedwetting cures.
    * Eating a fiber rich diet also helps cure bedwetting. So your child should be given fresh natural foods such as vegetables and fruits. Bananas have proven to be an effective remedy in treating bedwetting.
    * Avoid giving your child caffeinated beverages such as tea, coffee, and colas as they increase the urine flow.

Apart from these bedwetting remedies, some massage therapy can also help cure this problem. A gentle massage on the child's inner thighs with massage oil helps in strengthening the urinary system. This can help the child exercise better control over his/her urinary system. You should consult a doctor in case these natural remedies do not help.  Do not let your child become frustrated due to this problem. Although it may take some time, it can definitely be cured by following these bedwetting solutions.

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