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Feb 10, 2010


The word 'manicure' is derived from the Latin word 'manus' (meaning -hand) cure (care).
Purpose of manicure

  1. Prevent hang - nail formation.

  2. Prevents nail damages like splits, tears, and fragile tips.

  3. The accompanying massage of the hands improve and increase the blood circulation, suppleness and flexibility  of the hands and wrist. 

  4. Discourages wrinkling of the skin on the hand, which is one of the first body part to show the sign of aging.

  • Nail cutter

  • nail filer

  • Orange stick

  • Cuticle pusher

  • Nail brush

  • Acetone

  • Liquid soap or shampoo

  • Oil or cream

  • Warm water

  • Antiseptic lotion

  • Nail polish

  1. Remove the old polish with acetone using cotton

  2. Shape the nail using nail cutter and nail filer

  3. Dip and soak the hands in luke warm water to which liquid soap or shampoo is added

  4. Wash the hand with cold clear water and then wipe fingers with a soft towel

  5. Clean the nail using orange stick and cotton dipped in Antiseptic lotion

  6. Buff the cuticle with some cream

  7. Push the cuticle back gently using cuticle pusher

  8. Massage the hands for five minutes

  9. Apply the first coat of nail polish

  10. When the first coat is dried and hard apply the second coat. Do not dab but stroke in on with three even strokes starting at the base and sweeping up to the top

  11. Allow to dry thoroughly in between the coats

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