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Jun 30, 2009

Nail Care Tips

Nail Damage and Prevention:

1. The simplest way to avoid nail damage is to wear gloves.
2. If you can't wear gloves, you could at least use a long handled mop-this allows you to keep your hands off water and your nails will definitely benefit.

3. If you do get your hands wet, remember to rinse them well and dry them carefully after the work is done.
4. Then apply ample amounts of a moisturizing cream.
5. You must also take certain other precautions:
A. Use a pencil to operate the dial;
B.Use a tin-opener to open tins;
C.Use gardening gloves;
D.Avoid contact with strong chemicals;
E.Use moisturizers liberally.
6. Wear Polish-It works as a barrier for your nails and use acetone-free nail polish remover.
7. File in one direction only-Filing back and forth is bad because this frays and weakens the nails. File your nails in one direction only for the best results.
8. Keep your nails short.
9. Manicure after a bath. It is best to do your manicure after a bath because your nails are soft.

Pamper Yourself-Manicure & Pedicure:

Cosmetics to Disguise Nail Defects:

If your nails are deformed, the first thing to do is to visit your dermatologist-a number of nail problems are temporary and improve as the new nail appears and only a very few are permanent. The appearance of your nails can also be improved considerably by the use of cosmetics-for instance, ordinary nail enamel can camouflage a number of nail defects. A broken or split nail can be mended using what are called nail-mending fluids. To do this, a piece of thin tissue is placed over the crack or break in the nail. The nail mending fluid is then applied. When the product dries and sets, the nail can be painted with the nail enamel.

Common Nail Problems:

1. Brittle Nails:
Brittle nails and flaking of nails are very common due to excessive dryness of the nail plate. The nail plate is made up of dead keratin cells held together by a natural glue of fats and water. Any loss of fats and water causes the cells to separate and results in flaking and brittleness of the nails.

A.Many of our domestic chores remove the natural fats from the nails resulting in brittle nails, so do wear gloves.
B.Nail polish removers also have a dehydrating effect. If you have brittle nails avoid removing your nail polish too frequently. You can use a colorless polish or a base-coat or a top-coat, because then you can keep touching it up quite happily, without having to use the remover very frequently.
C.Regular massage around the nail-base with cream can have a good effect on brittle nails.

2. Hangnails:

Hangnails are tears in the skin of the nailfolds and the cuticle. The cuticle and the nail folds have a tendency to stick to the nail plate as it grows forward; the stretched cuticle may eventually tear. Sometimes the skin of the nail folds also cracks, particularly if it is dry. Nervous nail biting habits, chewing nails, and picking the cuticle all encourage the development of hangnails.

A. To avoid such conditions, keep the cuticles soft by massaging in creams and regularly loosening it from the nail-plate.
B.Clip off existing hangnails.
C.Avoid pulling off slivers as this can be very painful and can even cause infection of the nailfolds.
3. In-Growing Toe-Nails: If the toenail is not cut properly, it penetrates into the nail-fold as it grows, causing redness, swelling and pain.
A. Don’t cut them too short;
B.Don't ever cut down the side of the nail;
C.Always follow the shape of the toe;
D.Once the pain has started, try to push the nail-fold away from the sharp edge of the skin.

4. Fungal Infections of the Nail:
When fungus infects the nails, they become thickened, broken and discoloured.Fungal infection can be easily treated- griseofulvin is given for milder infection and ketoconazole for more severe types-but let your doctor treat you.

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