Body posture tips

Working in office?? stretching for long hours??? Sitting for prolonged period of time?? Having Backache/Backpain?? Do you follow proper sitting posture???

Sitting for long period and if Proper care is not taken then you can develop pain , fatigue and stress.
A few pointers in mind can help you get rid of back pain or arthritis:

1.Align the height of the chair according to the monitor. Your elbow should be at the level of the workstation. This will avoid slouching. And will help you sit straight in front of the computer. Keep your shoulders straight. 

2. The chair which is used should be designed to support the back and should custom fit you.

3. Arm should be flexed and elbow should be at 75 - 90 degree.

4. Your feet should be firm on the floor without crossing your legs. The bent of you knees should be at the same height as your hips. You should allow your weight to be distributed equally.

5. If you have a slightly bigger hip and you aren't getting the right posture, use cushion for a support as it helps in supporting your back.

6. Don't sit on a chair for a long time. Every half an hour one should just go for a small walk and stretch for a bit if necessary.

If you follow the above steps then you can avoid backpain and will have proper posture.

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