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May 12, 2009

How They Help ?

Ashoka : For those with trauma, and deep seated sorrow. Remember Sita sat under this tree when in Lanka.
Butterfly Lily : For those who have misused power. It helps bring remorse and peace.
Curry Leaf : Heals ulcers and curry leaves.
Lotus : Considered as king of all flower essences. It is mainly used for spiritual growth the world over.
Morning glory : Helps fight drug addiction.
Neem : A multi purpose plant but the leaf is more important than the flower.
Old Maid (white): To curb sexual promiscuity in men.
Red Hibiscus : Enhances compatibility between people.
White Hibiscus : For anyone who feels out of tune with their own spiritual nature.
Drumstick (white flowers) : For bronchitis as well as feelings of bitterness and resentment. It also reduces the desire to smoke.

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